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2024 BMW Lineup in Canada: Models and Changes

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Daniel Rufiange
BMW's lineup now includes four all-electric models

BMW’s 2024 lineup is characterized by a lineup offering great diversity, to say the least. In total, taking into account the various product families offered, there are 19 different models, not counting the variants. Here we go.


BMW 2 Series

Current Generation: 2022

The 2 Series serves as the entry point into the brand's model range. The 230i xDrive and M240i xDrive models make up the core of the offering, featuring 4- and 6-cylinder engines under the hood, respectively. The M2 variant benefits from a more powerful version of the latter, along with adjustments that make it a beast on the track.

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BMW 3 Series

2023/24 BMW 3 Series 340Mi
2023/24 BMW 3 Series 340Mi
Photo: D.Boshouwers

Current Generation: 2019

The 3 Series has long been BMW's bread and butter. Unsurprisingly, the lineup is still extensive. It includes gas-engine-only versions and plug-in hybrid variants offering around 35 km of electric range. Not to forget the M3 variants, true powerhouses delivering between 473 and 543 hp.

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BMW 4 Series

Current Generation: 2021

In 2013, BMW decided to give a new name to the 3 Series coupe, giving birth to the 4 Series. The offering is, therefore, essentially the same as with the 3 Series, except for a convertible variant. For 2024, the 4 Series inherits BMW's Digital Display Cockpit, featuring a 12.3-inch screen in front of the driver and a 14.9-inch surface for the multimedia system.

BMW 5 Series

2024 BMW 5 Series 530i
2024 BMW 5 Series 530i
Photo: BMW

Current Generation: 2024

The 5 Series, launched in 1972, gets a facelift for 2024. The model benefits from a new design, though the company has refrained from grafting on its an oversized front grille, unlike some other models. Initially, only one variant is available, the 530i xDrive, with BMW promising a plug-in hybrid version later in the year. Others will follow.

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BMW 7 Series

2024 BMW 7 Series 760i M Sport
2024 BMW 7 Series 760i M Sport
Photo: BMW

Current Generation: 2023

BMW launched the seventh generation of its flagship model in 2023. Grand luxury is once again present, including an optional real TV screen in the rear for pampering passengers. For 2024, a new plug-in hybrid variant (750e) with a 6-cylinder engine is expected. It joins the 760i xDrive, which is equipped with a 4.4L turbocharged V8. Inside, 2024 marks an update to the multimedia system, advancing from version 8.0 and 8.5.

BMW 8 Series

Current Generation: 2018

It has been six years since BMW reintroduced the 8 Series into its lineup. It has also diversified, offering a convertible (since 2019) and a Gran Coupe version (since 2022). The latter even enjoys a luxurious version, the Alpina B8. This refined car returns unchanged for 2024.


2023/24 BMW Z4
2023/24 BMW Z4
Photo: BMW

Current Generation: 2020

Z4 sales have declined over the years, which is concerning for the future. The model returns in the same form in 2024, still available in 30i or 40i configurations, depending on whether you prefer the performance of a 4-cylinder or a 6-cylinder (2.0L and 3.0L turbo, respectively). The Toyota Supra's cousin is also available in a convertible version.

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