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Built-in block heater

How can I see if there is a block heater built in my car? If so, where do I find it.

Fully loaded small car with an engine that isn't geared toward economy

I'm looking for an automatic, reliable, fully loaded small car, with an engine that isn't geared toward economy. What do you think of the Mazda 3 with the bigger engine or the Kia Forte?

Importing European diesel cars in North America

Can I import a Mazda CX5 or 6 diesel or order special cars like the one at 3:45 in this video?

Comfortable SUV for clay roads

Which SUVs do you suggest for excellent capacity on clay roads, comfort and affordability.

Cleaner and fuel efficient vehicles

Do you have articles on non-polluting vehicles that consume little gasoline?

Premature wear of brakes

My 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid has 32000 km and during inspection, I was told that the rear brakes were finished and that the problem of premature wear was common for the Fusion. Is this normal?

Permanent rustproofing

My dealer wanted to sell me permanent rust protection, but I read that this treatment is not recommended and even to be avoided (as per the CAA and the APA). The dealer added that if we did rustproofing elsewhere, and it involved drilling holes, our warranty would be voided. Was he talking about the "bumper to bumper" warranty? I always go to Metropolitan Rust Proofing, but the APA recommends Krown. What do you think?

Ionization rustproofing

Is ionization rustproofing effective?

Vehicle fuel consumption table

Do you have a table on the fuel consumption of vehicles?

Suspension and comfort

Can you suggest cars where the main criteria are suspension and comfort?

Independent rear suspension

Does the Mustang Boss 302 2013 have an independent rear suspension?


Pouvez-vous me préciser la fiabilité à long terme des composantes de rouage d'entrainement sur ces véhicules? Lancer Ralliart, EVO, Subaru WRX et STI